Stories of Stewards: Chris Killackey

As part of our ongoing engagement process, we have come to realize the importance of parishioners sharing their personal stories of how they have connected with Saint Clement as an important factor in their lives. As a feature twice a month, we share the stories and reflections of our engaged parishioners who are living a stewardship life of prayer, service, and giving. This week we hear from Chris Killackey:

I’ve been a parishioner at Saint Clement for 12+ years. My wife and I were originally members of Saint Michael’s after getting married and settling in Lincoln Park. But the birth of our first daughter meant needing to find a parish with a school. The result was a long-term home at Saint Clement.

While practical matters brought me to Saint Clement, it’s our parish anchors that keep me spot-welded here. Pray, Serve, Give, Learn and Belong represent everything I want in parish life—and I’ve had the opportunity to meaningfully pursue each.

With regards to “Serve” and “Learn,” I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in many school and parish initiatives and ministries over the years. I’ve participated in a Catholic-Muslim dialogue group, served on the School’s Advisory Board, helped with (and supported) our most recent Capital Campaign and coached both of my daughters in basketball. Along the way, I’ve witnessed the time and talent that our parishioners, parish staff, and school staff contribute to creating the strong community that we all draw from.

That’s why when it comes to “Give,” we think of our financial support of the parish and the school as an investment. Whether through the Sunday Giving Commitment, the School’s Annual Fund, or the Capital Campaign, we’re investing into a community striving to put God at the center of our daily lives. That’s something worth investing in.

Finally, “Pray” and “Belong” probably seem self-evident, but it’s on these two fronts that Saint Clement gives to me in a way for which I’ll never really be able to balance the scales. I’ve recently become more involved in some of our prayer and evangelization groups—and that involvement has resulted in a broadening of parish relationships, a heightened knowledge and understanding of our faith and a deeper connection in every relationship in my life. If those are the dividends of stewardship and investing into our parish, count me in!