Our Capital Campaign • To Teach Who Christ Is

In the spring of 2014, our parish entered the first phase of our three year capital campaign – To Teach Who Christ Is. Within this page, you will find the details of the original campaign goal and case study. While we are thrilled to report that we have exceeded our original campaign goal of $6 million, the capital needs of our parish buildings far exceed the established goal. Accordingly, we are still seeking new pledges from those who have not yet participated in the campaign. Two-year pledges and one-time donations can be made online. If you prefer to make your donations via check, you can download our commitment card and return it to the parish office.

We encourage you to read the campaign materials and ask any questions you may have. If you have questions, please contact Heather Kracik – Parish Stewardship and Development Coordinator. Thank you for your support of Saint Clement Parish and the To Teach Who Christ Is Campaign.

A Message From Our Pastor

Dear Friends:
Our capital campaign—To Teach Who Christ Is—is an important commitment to the legacy of Saint Clement Parish and the future of Catholic education, not just in our own parish, but also throughout the Archdiocese. The plan described on these pages builds upon our rich heritage by helping to fulfill Saint Clement’s mission and vision of holiness, communion, and service.

The men and women who made the sacrifices necessary to build and grow Saint Clement Parish for more than a century have set a high bar for us today. In that spirit, over the last several months parish leaders and staff have carefully and prayerfully studied the current design and condition of our buildings and facilities to identify what improvements are needed for us to continue to grow as a vibrant Catholic community. While the components of their recommendations are expressed in the language of brick and mortar, the plan outlined in our Campaign brochure is designed to enhance our ability to belong, pray, serve, give, and learn as individuals and as a parish.

This website describes how Saint Clement’s portion of the campaign proceeds will be used to preserve our buildings and help improve the security and accessibility of the church, school, parish center, and priests' residence. In addition, 10 percent of the funds will be contributed to our Clement Commits program to put our faith into action among those less fortunate than ourselves.

Our overall parish goal is to raise $6 million and to receive 1,000 pledges. To reach this goal, every parishioner needs to participate in the spirit of true Christian stewardship. Not everyone can contribute the same amount, but every contribution will help our community prosper in faith in the future.

Yours in Christ, Father Ken Simpson

Click to download the commitment card.

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Credit Card Update Instructions

Please call the campaign's phone number during regular business hours at (312) 534-8500. Anyone who answers the phone will be able to help you update your credit card information. 

Case Summary

The long legacy of faith at Saint Clement Parish brings with it great responsibility. Part of our responsibility is to use our resources to repair and restore the buildings and facilities of our campus. Toward that end, the parish staff, the Building Committee, the Pastoral Council, and a variety of other parish leaders have identified those capital projects which can strengthen Saint Clement’s ability to bring to life our Parish Anchors: Belong, Pray, Serve, Give, and Learn.
The parish priorities we have identified are summarized below and described in more detail within this brochure. If we are able to reach our overall parish goal of raising $6 million, $1 million will support Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and the remaining $5 million will be available for the following projects at Saint Clement:

For our church : $1.4 million

For our school: $1.1 million

For our rectory and parish center: $1.1 million

For our priests’ residence: $800,000

For Clement Commits: $600,000

For The Archdiocese

For detailed information, download the Capital Campaign Brochure

To Teach Who Christ Is Bulletin Insert

For Our Church

Founded by neighborhood families in 1905, Saint Clement Church has long relied upon its parishioners as cornerstones for giving. It was built by families of deep faith and commitment to Catholic teachings. From the beginning, the parish turned to its members for help. For more than 100 years, multiple fundraising efforts have taken place at the parish in support of land acquisition, construction, expansion, and restoration projects.

Parishioners have long supported the vision of founding Pastor Monsignor Francis Rempe to create a church like none other in Chicago. The classic Romanesque and Byzantine architectural style make the church one of a kind in Illinois. The interior artwork of the church was conceived by Fr. Gleb Werchovsky, an acclaimed artist who drew upon inspiration from churches in Saint Petersburg, Istanbul, and Rome.

However, time took its toll and the church building deteriorated. The church was restored and adapted in the 1980s through the determination and dedication of then-Pastor Fr. John Fahey, with the support of Saint Clement parishioners. Like those who came before us, it is our turn to give to this spiritually rich community and maintain its strength for the next generation. As in the past, restoration projects are needed for the long-term preservation of our inspirational church. A number of areas within the church need attention.

1.The church windows all show signs of distress - this one has a bowed support beam and a cracked wall. 

2. The Rose Windows are deteriorating and are in need of immediate attention.

The interior plaster walls need repair, patching, painting, and extensive cleaning; the beautiful Romanesque rose windows require structural repairs to exterior limestone, interior plaster, and framing; many of the stained glass windows are in need of re-leading, cleaning, spot repairs, weather proofing, and new exterior protection; and the retaining wall surrounding the church exterior needs repair. Additionally, a fire prevention and detection system is needed in the church along with upgraded sound systems in the church and chapel. Together these improvements will cost approximately $1.4 million.

If we exceed our $6 million campaign goal, we may also be able to clean and refinish the church pews, acquire additional artwork for the chapel, and repair marble in the church. Additional funding opportunities for the church include a redesigned and upgraded lighting system and a new congregational-friendly organ. Saint Clement Church is the place where we and generations before us have come to pray and worship together as Catholics. We will ensure that legacy for generations to come through strong commitments to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign

1. Crumbling stone of the portico.

2. Retaining wall deterioration.

For Our School

Since its doors opened in 1906, Saint Clement School has offered a nurturing environment that inspires academic and spiritual growth. It is blessed with engaging teachers and administrators whose passion and enthusiasm empower students with a true loveof learning. The school’s reputation is well acclaimed for delivering Catholic values as well as academic rigor.

  1. Renovate current administrative offices into a dedicated nurse's office and private restroom facilities for staff

  2. Reconfigure administrative offices to allow direct access from stairs

  3. Remodel foyer to provide visual identification of visitors and entrance into formalreception area

  4. New entrance canopy, security system, and front doors

  5. Student Learning Center

Since its doors opened in 1906, Saint Clement School has offered a nurturing environment that inspires academic and spiritual growth. It is blessed with engaging teachers and administrators whose passion and enthusiasm empower students with a true loveof learning. The school’s reputation is well acclaimed for delivering Catholic values as well as academic rigor.

Throughout the last century, the original school building was expanded on a number of occasions through the generous support of parishioners, creating the campus we are privileged to have today. Over this time, Saint Clement has doubled its enrollment, going from a small parish school to one of the largest, most successful schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago with 475 students. It is this very growth that requires our funding of ongoing structural improvements to ensure our school’s future. Though a dramatic addition was made to the school in 2003, prior significant renovations to the original building were last made in 1925 and 1935.

Today we are called upon to undertake a number of renovations to the school that will ease the structural challenges of a densely populated, aging building serving more than 550 students and staff each day. The proposed work for the school is multi-layered and will require the investment of approximately $1.1 million.

The primary entry to the school will be altered allowing for direct visual monitoring of guests, while new security systems will provide enhanced safety. This new configuration will create a formal reception area at the threshold of the school and offer better- controlled access to the building.

To improve school operations and security, the administrative offices will be re-configured on the first floor. The relocated office area will provide a dedicated nurse’s office, an additional bathroom, and administrative offices.

The classrooms on the second and third floors will each be adapted with individual air conditioning units. The new units will provide temperature control at the beginning and end of the school year, as well as provide new opportunities for use during summer break.

We will replace the windows on the west façade of the school, which have the most solar heat gain. Classrooms with single-pane windows on the first, second, and third floors will be upgraded with new, thermally-insulated, double-pane tinted windows. Additionally, classrooms on the lower level and the first floor will be brought up to code with new fire-rated windows.

In the event we are able to exceed our $6 million goal, we will have the resources to enhance the library, media center, and science labs with updated environments, resources, and technology.

As Saint Clement School moves toward its second century of academic excellence, considerable work will be required to serve future generations of eager students in the Catholic faith. Much thought has gone into evaluating our needs and vision to ensure our school's success for generations to come. Contributions to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign will make a real difference in building that future for our children.

For Our Rectory and Parish Center

The Parish Center has long been the heart of activity serving the needs of Saint Clement parishioners. It was originally built as a single family home and sold to the parish when the church was in the planning stages. After acquiring the building, the home’s façade was structurally adapted with Romanesque architectural designs to seamlessly integrate it into the grand design of the church. The Parish Center has long been the heart of activity serving the needs of Saint Clement parishioners. It was originally built as a single family home and sold to the parish when the church was in the planning stages. After acquiring the building, the home’s façade was structurally adapted with Romanesque architectural designs to seamlessly integrate it into the grand design of the church.

For its first 30 years,it served as the convent for the Sisters of Saint Francis who taught at the school. For the last 70 years, it has served as the Parish Center, with a number of former bedrooms adapted into offices and meeting spaces. It was formally renamed the Fahey Center after initial renovations were completed in the late 70s and 80s to meet city codes and for expanded use as the result of the development of a wider offering of services.

The continual growth of the mission and outreach of Saint Clement Parish has placed excess demand on the building’s adapted setup, and it is no longer practical as currently configured. Approximately $1.1 million from the campaign will be used to restructure the entrance of the building to accommodate a commercial elevator. This new elevator will allow for full access to all floors in the center and the adjacent church, and will support our identity as a welcoming parish. It will allow for greater mobility of people and equipment in and out of the parish center. Additionally, as part of the plan, the safety and security systems will be upgraded, and the remaining rectory space will be converted to office space for parish use.

For Clement Commits

St. Margaret of Scotland School

Consistent with our commitment to share a significant portion of our collections with others in need and the overall campaign goal of supporting Catholic education in the Archdiocese, Saint Clement Parish has committed to share 10 percent of the funds we raise in the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign for scholarships and direct support to St. Margaret of Scotland School on the south side of Chicago. This is in keeping with our Clement Commits program.

We Give of Our First Fruits

In 2003, Saint Clement made a leap of faith by committing to a "first fruits" program designed to share at least 7% of the funds we collect in the general collection to help the poor and others in need outside of the parish. The Clement Commits program was designed to eliminate most second collections at Mass and to make a financial commitment as a parish to put our faith into action among those less fortunate than ourselves.

This program has been so successful we have been able to raise our committed donation a half percent nearly every year. Our goal was to reach a full tithe of 10% of collections going directly to the poor, which we proudly have reached for fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014).

Read the Clement Commits Mission and Guidelines.

Clement Commits Program Reaches 10% Sharing Goal!

At the recommendation of the Finance Council and the Stewardship Council, Father Simpson and Saint Clement’s Pastoral Council have approved a plan to increase the annual percentage share of the Clement Commits program from 9.5% of general collections in fiscal year 2013 to 10% in fiscal year 2014. By giving 10% of general collections to needs other than our own, Saint Clement has reached the percentage sharing goal set when the parish adopted the Clement Commits program in 2003.     

When the Clement Commits program was first established, Saint Clement committed over $100,000, representing 7% of its general collections for fiscal year 2003, to help meet important needs beyond the boundaries of the parish. Last year, the Clement Commits program contributed nearly $200,000, representing 9.5% of Saint Clement’s general collections, to a wide variety of charities and other service organizations in need throughout Chicago and beyond. The recipients of Clement Commits funds are chosen and reviewed each year by parishioners and the pastor. In the decade since its creation, Clement Commits has enabled Saint Clement to make impactful contributions to our local and El Salvadoran sharing parishes, the Lincoln Park Community Shelter, numerous anti-poverty and abuse victim programs, a variety of other community-based and immigrant programs as well as many Archdiocesan-based charities.

Clement Commits also enables us to eliminate most second collections at Mass by contributing to a variety of Archdiocesan collections, including the Retirement for Religious, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the Missions Office, Seminaries, Retirement For Priests, Propagation of the Faith, Peter’s Pence, and Aid for the Church in Latin America and Eastern Europe.     

The nature and scope of the Clement Commits program is unique in the Chicago Archdiocese. Saint Clement can be proud to have achieved the 10% sharing goal set over a decade ago for Clement Commits. As Saint Clement’s Mission Statement recites: “Grateful to God for our many blessings, we have a sacred responsibility to share our gifts, serve the common good, make a meaningful difference in people's lives and respond to the challenge to live the Gospel every day.” Clement Commits represents a tangible expression of our parish mission as we strive to give meaning to our stewardship theme to “Pray.Serve.Give.”     

Images from top to bottom:  1) Children from the school in the 22 de Abril community in El Salvador, our sister parish. 2) Children from Our Lady of Mercy, our sharing parish in Albany Park, performing traditional Mexican and Filipino dancing.  3) An image from the annual Archdiocese of Chicago collection for Retirement for Religious.      

For Our Priests' Residence

Saint Clement recently acquired an apartment building just north of the school at 2530 North Orchard Street. This building will soon be the new home for the priests residing at the parish, including the pastor, associate pastor, resident priests, and visiting priests. However, the new building is in need of plumbling, electrical, and mechanical repairs. The building’s exterior envelope—including the roof, windows, and masonry—will be repaired or replaced; a new HVAC system will be added; bathrooms will be updated; and a portion will be reconfigured for communal living which includes a newly designed kitchen, dining, and meeting space. This will require an investment of approximately $800,000. If we exceed our $6 million goal, we may also be able to construct an ADA-accessible room and lift and repurpose individual kitchens.

The renovations to the Parish Center and acquisition of the new Priests' Residence are faithful to Saint Clement’s mission to be rooted in our Catholic faith, empowered by our liturgy and worship, and grateful for our many blessings. Our contributions to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign will help strengthen the parish’s journey to achieve that mission.

For The Archdiocese

$150 million allocated to the Catholic School Endowment Fund will generate millions of dollars annually for new and continuing needs-based scholarships for many years to come.
Program Enhancements for Catholic Schools

Program Enhancements For Catholic Schools
$8 million of direct cash infusion will ensure academic excellence.

Strengthening Religious Education
$10 million will support Religious Education programs.

"Next Generation" Religious Education
$2 million will develop and pilot new approaches to religious education and faith formation.

Capital Needs
$30 million will address specific capital needs in our schools and related parish facilities.

Parish Needs
$150 million will address parish-specific needs through the parish based portion of the campaign. This number reflects a total parish-based campaign goal of $250 million, of which 60% ($150 million) will remain at the parishes for their needs and 40% ($100 million) will come to the Archdiocese to meet the needs the parishes cannot meet on their own.

Click to view additional information by visiting the archdiocesan website.

Discerning Your Gift

You Have a Wonderful Opportunity...

to participate in a challenging campaign that will make a difference in the lives of people for years to come. Saint Clement Parish, through its ministries and facilities, will continue to provide help and hope in the name of Christ. The degree to which we will be able to do this is dependent on your prayerful response to the financial challenge.

Every Person...

is being asked to thoughtfully consider God’s call in your life as it relates to His desire for our parish. This brief guide is designed to lead you through a process of discovery.

For more information on discerning your gift, download the Discovery Booklet.